What would “Musa” do?

I would like to make one thing apparent before we begin.

What I want to talk about is not only the current affairs regarding the situation in Gaza.

But I would also like to discuss all of the previous wars that were fought against the people of Palestine. It is clear to see that this situation has gone too far and has crossed the line. “Land Gaining” has occurred, which is simply forcing people out of their land and naming it as your own. This is terrible, as Moses (as) never told anyone to use unjust violence to take over land just for selfish desires. In fact, in the Ten commandments, it states thou shall not kill! However bombs still hail from the sky! Speaking of “unfertile land”, doesn’t one of the Ten Commandments say You shall not steal. Let me see. You have just STOLEN Palestinian peoples land and you have robbed innocent Palestinians’ lives which they can never get back.

January 2024