Adult Courses

Arabic Language

Study from the popular Madinah Book Series which is utilised across the globe. Students will learn how to understand and speak the language of the Qur'an with the aid of our Arabic specialists.

Islamic Studies

Study our prestigious curriculum which incorporates a detailed, step-by-step programme covering several Islamic sciences with qualified instructors.

Hifdh Programme

The study of the Qur'an is a blessing and a path which requires patience, consistency and hard work. Fulfill the objective of memorising the complete Qur'an with our qualified teachers.

(All students will be subject to a compulsory assessment before admission to the Hifdh Programme)

Tajweed Course

By studying the rules of Tajweed, students will learn the art of beautifying their recitation and will master the ability to recite the Quran in a measured tone.

Beginners Qur'an Programme

The study of learning how to read the Qur'an is the first step on a rewarding path which will aid an individual in this life and the next. Pupils require no pre-requisites before admission to this class except for determination, consistency and the willingness to learn.