LII Enrichment & Events

Qur'an Competition

Students who have memorised the whole of Juzz Amma participate in our annual Qur'an competition. Our competitions allow our pupils to showcase their Tajweed which builds their confidence and ability. Moreover our competitions are gender segregated and facilitate the attendance of families and friends. Winners are awarded a prize and certificate for their efforts. Our judges consist of senior Qur'an teachers who are experienced in their field.

Islamic Studies Competition

All students who are willing to be tested to the limit can enter our prestigious competition. Students are tested on a number of Islamic Studies questions ranging from the Seerah to the Qur'an. All pupils are grouped into age groups and the fortunate winners patiently wait for their prizes!

End of Year Trips

Our students have travelled to Thorpe Park, Chessington, and a number of museums and more. We hope to expand our travels to the whole globe where our students can learn the Islamic history present across the entire globe. Students have gained valuable experiences from travelling each academic year. Students in their primary years are accompanied by a trusted team of volunteers who have been strictly vetted and our DBS cleared.