LII Children's Facilities

Room Nuh

Room Asiya

Room Eesa

Students are inspired by Nuh who battled the waves of disbelief but withstood the tides of tyranny that his people succumbed him to.

Students take a lesson from Asiya who exhibits to us that we may be next to a tyrant but the light of guidance can never be extinguished.

Pupils learn how to remain steadfast in the face of any challenge and simultaneously remain dutiful and obedient to his mother.

Room Maryam

Students take an example from the best of women who was known as a “sideeqah” and a symbol of chastity, truthfulness and patience

Room Musa

Musa (as) was a leader and able to ride the tides of his time. He challenged the most infamous tyrant in history. Yet he maintained his tawakkul in Allah (swt) and became a symbol of justice and freedom.

Room Ibrahim

Prophet Ibraheem (as) was an entire ummah. He is a relatable to every inquisitive young mind. He stood up to an entire society and established an example to sacrifice for Allah (saw)

Room Fatima

She is the daughter of the best of the messengers and among the best of the women in Jannah whose sons will be the leaders of the youth in Paradise.

Room Muhammad

Students take an example from the best of examples who was known as a “saadiq al ameen” the honest and the trustworthy.

Room Khadijah

Khadijah was the first female believer in Islam and a symbol of light, support and steadfastness. She raised great daughters and ensured she was strong in times of adversity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, we look to accommodate a maximum of 15 pupils per class but this may stray a little under or over depending each circumstance.

Yes, however we segregate students by seating from ages 5 to 10 and then segregate students by class from ages 11 – 16.

Unfortunately pupils are not permitted to bring food into the premises as the majority of our classes are held within the Masjid, however bottled water is permitted.

Yes, our masjid has wheelchair access to two of our classrooms, however with the new development of the mosque, inshallah wheelchair access will be more accessible.