LII Staff Training

“The Muslim is the one who the Muslims are safe from their hands and their tongue” (Bukhari)

We have conducted and developed a number of training courses for our staff to ensure they are up to date with safeguarding regulations, health & safety procedures and contemporary educational topics. Moreover we upskill our staff on the importance of effective teaching strategies derived from the teaching strategies of the greatest teacher (saw).


All teachers must participate in our Safeguarding training which consists of establishing intellectual, spiritual and physical safety of those under our care.

Prophetic Teaching Methods

We wish to revive the sunnah of not only teaching what the Prophet (saw) taught but to also teach the way he (saw) taught.

Behaviour Management

Context is key, therefore we train our teachers to utilise appropriate methods which foster outstanding manners and respect.

Health & Safety Training

Safeguarding & Health & Safety is everyone's responsibility. Moreover keeping those under our care safe is paramount as the khulafa-al rashidoon kept the ummah safe.

SEN Training

The Prophet (saw) never neglected the weak or vulnreable, therefore as teachers we should know how to cater to those who possess distinguished needs.

Islamic Sciences Development

"From the cradle to the grave", learning is a journey that continues until one meets their Lord. This includes training on Tajweed, Islamic Studies, Arabic and additional Islamic Sciences.