Knowledge is Power

I want to start off by saying you CANNOT silence the people who are sided with God as he is the omniscient and you CANNOT silence those who hold knowledge as “ilm” is power. I want this letter to be a lesson to you and a reminder that as you are reading this letter comfortably, in a safe and secure home, with a full stomach and clean clothes whilst millions of people are forced to drink sewage water, millions of people have had their home in which they grew up in destroyed in an instant. Millions of children are currently suffering burns due to the white phosphorus raining from the sky, and millions of hospitalised elderly and infants are constantly murdered due to the oppression, lack of water, electricity and humanitarian aid.

Shame on you that a 14 year old has to speak up on this topic!

I want to remind you, if you are among those who stay silent, you are no different to the oppressors. I don’t understand how many more people need to die in order for us to speak up. Whether you like it or not, PALESTINE WILL BE FREE!!

February 2024