Annual Qur’an Competition by LII

On Saturday 16th July, Lewisham Islamic Institute hosted their annual Qur’an Competition. This was the first Qur’an Competition since 2019 owing to the COVID-19 lockdown. We had an amazing turnout from the families and friends of the participant. The students at Lewisham Islamic Institute worked incredibly hard to prepare a variety of activities to present […]

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British Museum with the YMA

On Sunday 19th December 2021 we visited the British Museum as part of our educational trip. During our self-tour around the museum, pupils seemed dedicated to exploring and understanding human history, the relics of art, culture, and lifestyle from even the earliest human communities. We examined thousands of artefacts and explored civilisations from around the

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Chessington Trip by LII

On Sunday, 23rd of July 2023, the students embarked on an amazing trip to Chessington World of Adventures and had a full day packed with activities.The students experienced a day of joy as we began with seeing the gorilla and lions then finished with the highest of rollercoasters. The students showed such etiquette and amazing

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Astronomy Trip by LII

 Children at the Young Muslim Academy enjoyed an educational trip to Astronomy & Islam Mornings at the Greenwich Observatory on Sunday 24th November 2019. The children enjoyed being out in the nature and walking up the hill to the observatory with their peers. The children were well engaged in staring through the overview of the

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“Crisis of Social Media & Muslim Leadership” by Imam Ashraf

The online problem in brief: rise of the unknown and unqualified In the realm of the online sphere today, we find the complete opposite to the process of followership and education preceding leadership. Unknown and unqualified individuals (another discussion to be had – what qualifies a person?) with no attachment to any sort of hierarchy,

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Imamship and “education” by Imam Shakeel Begg

The role of the Imām also involves educating the community through lectures, classes and through giving general advice. This is being done regularly and covers various topics including Arabic and Qur’ān. Lessons include children, brothers and sisters. This role also involves organising special courses and conferences with various guest speakers. I was filled with joy

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Knowledge is Power

I want to start off by saying you CANNOT silence the people who are sided with God as he is the omniscient and you CANNOT silence those who hold knowledge as “ilm” is power. I want this letter to be a lesson to you and a reminder that as you are reading this letter comfortably,

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