Chessington Trip by LII

On Sunday, 23rd of July 2023, the students embarked on an amazing trip to Chessington World of Adventures and had a full day packed with activities.
The students experienced a day of joy as we began with seeing the gorilla and lions then finished with the highest of rollercoasters. The students showed such etiquette and amazing manners when representing the Madrassa throughout the day Allhamdulliah.

During our travel to the amusement park, we held Islamic quizzes and small competitions which set a nice tone for our long journey. We arrived at 10 am where we explored the sights and experienced the thrilling rides. We prayed our salah in jammah and had our lunches allowing the students to unwind and reflect on the fun and connect with their friends from other groups.

The division of our groups allowed for many friendships to be made before our eyes which was lovely to witness. We set home for 7 pm and Allhamdulliah all the students had smiles from ear to ear. The students should be very proud of themselves Allahumma barik they had the utmost respect during the trip and the staff even noticed their stellar behavior when dealing with the public.
Inshallah many more end-of-year trips are to come well deserved after a studious year.

Date: July 2023