Astronomy Trip by LII

 Children at the Young Muslim Academy enjoyed an educational trip to Astronomy & Islam Mornings at the Greenwich Observatory on Sunday 24th November 2019. The children enjoyed being out in the nature and walking up the hill to the observatory with their peers.

The children were well engaged in staring through the overview of the stars in the sky inside the special planetarium show. The show was very informative and educational, the children were occupied in observing the new crescent moon and discovering the instruments built  for navigation and prayer that was used in the time and before the industrial  revolution.

After the planetarium show Brother Imad did a short talk about sighting the new moon and the facts regarding the months of Islam. We also had a discussion about the differences between the Islamic calendar and the Gregorian calendar. Couple of pupils were chosen to come to the front and demonstrate the calculation of how to find out when the Islamic month has started.